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Our workshops are not just about learning; they’re about taking action and making tangible progress in your branding and social media efforts. They equip you with practical tools and resources, ensuring that your brand’s journey is both educational and transformative.

Our team hold an abundance of knowledge and can’t wait to share and learn with you!

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Create with your brand

Canva Social Media WorkshopS

This engaging workshop is designed for beginners looking to up their social media game and create impactful content for their businesses. It’s not just a workshop; it’s an interactive journey into the world of social media branding. Participants delve into key aspects of social media content creation, including identifying their target audience, planning social media content, mastering Canva basics, maintaining brand consistency, crafting compelling captions, conducting effective hashtag research, and boosting social media engagement.

What sets this workshop apart is its practical approach. Attendees are equipped with valuable resources to empower their social media journey. They receive a 7-day social media planner worksheet, a Content Creation Mindmap Worksheet, and a comprehensive 22-page Beginner’s Guide to Creating Social Media Content on Canva Walkthrough PDF. To ensure a hands-on learning experience, participants are encouraged to bring their devices. Your team is ready to provide on-the-ground support, reviewing creations and guiding attendees through their learning journey in real-time.

As past participants have attested, this workshop is not only easy to understand but also highly relevant to their needs. It’s a knowledge-sharing platform that empowers businesses to create impactful social media content.

What People Say

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Brand Discovery Workshop

The Brand Discovery Kit is a cornerstone of our Goanna and Brolga Branding Packages. This immersive 3-4 hour workshop, designed by branding experts, is all about embarking on a branding journey together. It’s an opportunity for both you and our team to gain a deeper understanding of your business and brand, setting the stage for its future growth and success.

In this collaborative, insightful, and enjoyable workshop, we break down the branding process into manageable pieces. Here’s what we explore:

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Part 1: Looking Outwards

Learning about your business, your unique selling deposition & developing a guiding intent statement

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Part 2: Looking Inwards

Understanding your ideal customer and how we build a brand to connect with them

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Part 3: Your Brand

Discovery your brand personality ‘archetypes’, brand language & brand appearance through images, colours & fonts

Before the workshop, you’ll receive a Pre-Workshop Questionnaire to complete, ensuring that the session is tailored to your unique needs. On the day, you’ll receive a workbook to work through, providing a structured approach to the workshop’s content. Afterward, you’ll receive a Post Workshop Report summarising all the insights and discoveries made during the workshop.

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Yadhaa Yirra Youth Program

The ‘Yadhaa Yirra ‘Dream and Grow’ Youth Business Start Program’ is an entrepreneurship initiative tailored for self-driven Indigenous youth wanting to explore their business ideas and learn what it means to kick-start a business. It’s a platform dedicated to nurturing their dreams, growing their knowledge, and fostering self-empowerment.

What Young People Say

Feedback gathered from a participant in the youth program we facilitated called Start Up Deadly in 2022.

Through their journey of conceptualizing a unique café, refining their brand identity, and presenting their vision at the Sydney Pitch Day, their career trajectory has been set in motion, leading them toward their ultimate goals and aspirations.

‘Now I have an apprenticeship. It (the Program] cemented the idea that I want to be in hospitality … It’s a business idea I can open back up when I have the financial means, when I have the life experience, so it’s definitely had a positive impact in term of I know what I want to do in the future, I’m just taking the steps that I need to take to get there… I definitely learned a ton that I’m going to take through to put my ideas into practice once I’ve got really world experience through like my apprenticeship’.

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Here’s an overview of what we’re offering and how it benefits our young entrepreneurs:

Nurturing Entrepreneurial Skills: Our program equips young individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. From understanding the basics of self-employment to managing finances, Yadhaa Yirra ensures our youth are well-prepared for the business world.

Crafting Viable Business Ideas: We take budding business ideas and transform them into the bigger picture with developing a business plan and embracing their strengths. This not only gives structure to their dreams but also enhances the likelihood of their success.

Developing Strong Brand Identities: Branding is a crucial aspect of any business. Yadhaa Yirra assists our youth in creating distinct brand identities, from designing logos to crafting compelling brand messages, to understanding the importance of brand identity.

Financial Acumen: Money management is a vital skill for entrepreneurs. We cover the core financial directions of having a business, exploring sole trader v.s companies, taxes and legal financial requirements and other financial matters, ensuring our youth can navigate the financial landscape of their businesses.

Community and Culture: We understand the significance of culture and community in our youth’s entrepreneurial journey. Our program fosters connections with cultural heritage and offers networking opportunities with other First Nations business owners and mentors, ensuring their businesses remain deeply rooted in their identity.

Personal Growth: Beyond business skills, Yadhaa Yirra focuses on personal development. We aim to boost the self-confidence of our youth and empower them to forge their unique paths in the business world.

A Hybrid Learning Experience: Our program combines online learning for convenience with two immersive face-to-face days. These in-person sessions facilitate connections with peers and mentors and culminate in an exciting pitch day experience.

Please email us at admin@yirramiya.com.au if you are interested referring young people or running the program in your school/organisation.

Are you are a First Nations Young Person with a dream and a cool business idea, welcome to Yadhaa Yirra, where we’re all about helping you turn those dreams into reality.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s involved:

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Dream Big:

Got a business idea, but it's still kinda fuzzy? No worries! We'll help you turn that idea into a rock-solid plan. Because every big business started as a little dream, right?

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Your Entrepreneur Toolkit:

We're giving you the inside scoop on how to be your own boss. You'll learn the nitty-gritty stuff you need to start your own business, like making a business plan, creating a brand, managing money, and getting the funds you may need.

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Be the Coolest Brand in Town:

Your business is unique, just like you. We'll help you make it stand out with a killer brand. We're talking logos, messages, and all the stuff that makes your business yours and connect to your target audience.

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Money Talk:

Learning how to handle money is a must for any business. We'll make sure you know what's what and how to keep your finances in check.

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Community and Culture:

We know how important your roots are. Our program helps you stay connected to your culture and your community. Plus, you'll meet other deadly First Nations business owners, learn about their journeys and what it means to be self-determined to achieve your goals.

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Level Up:

This isn't just about business. We're all about helping you grow personally too. Boost your confidence, discover your unique path, and get ready to rock the business world.

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Get Ready for an Adventure:

Our program is a mix of online learning and two awesome face-to-face day. You'll get a chance to connect with your peers with similar goals, make new friends, and even have a pitch day where you can show off your business idea, just like on Shark Tank.

So, if you’re ready to turn your dreams into action, Yadhaa Yirra is here for you. Let’s make your business journey an amazing adventure!

Please email us at admin@yirramiya.com.au if you are interested in getting involved!