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Yirra Miya reserves all rights to the creations that we create as the baseline of all design projects.Therefore our package prices are reflective of Yirra Miya reserving these rights. The core reason for thisis due to the sensitivity to some of the symbols & icons our team create to respect Indigenous Cultural& Intellectual Property (ICIP) for cultural logos, elements and artworks.Refer to your service agreement regarding the terms of your licence termsOur Service Agreement, reflects the licence terms for exculsive, non-exculsive and transfer ofIntellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Please reach out if you require clarification.All our licences grant a perpetual, irrevocable, non-transferable, royalty-free licence to use, the Worksunder or in connection with the Agreement for the purpose in which we agree in the Order.

During the process of identifying your branding package, it’s important to let Yirra Miya know if you’ll liketo obtain the intellectual property rights, as this will be an additional fee. You can obtain this at a laterdate however it is subject to our current transfer fee determined via quote.

This is determined with the service agreement, reflective of the services we are providing you.Ou r graphic design services however do include, two (2) sets of Minor Revisions at no extra cost. Youmust make Your request for Minor Revisions via email to Us via email to admin@yirramiya.com.au or onyour dedicated Monday.com project board. It will cost additional to have any changes to Work onceapproved by You or outside the included revisions in your scope of works.

Yes you may, however, we will invoice you per the time it takes to make these changes noting we havea minimum hourly rate for revision (no matter how minor). We can indicate the time and provide a quote to reflect the scale of the request. This is why we suggest you make sure you’re certain beforeproviding approval to avoid this.Our hourly rate is indicated within our current Example Service Agreement available in our WelcomePack. Our current 2023-2024 FY hourly costs are $110-130+gst.

We offer our packages to include individual elements that are embedded with layers of deep meanings and significance related to what we discover during your onboarding & brainstorming session with us. The elements are designed to allow you the versatility and flexibility to use in design and communications where a full artwork display may not be appropriate or suitable. The cultural elements can be used for multiple purposes such as flyers, presentations, report design, promotional items, social media tiles and much more.