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Crafting your unique identity, creating lasting connections – brands that embrace storytelling at it’s core.

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We specialise in crafting bespoke brand identities that intertwine your unique narrative with impactful and authentic design. Our passion for storytelling drives us to create brands that go beyond aesthetics, resonating deeply with your audience. We’re here to bring your brand’s unique voice to life, guided by the wisdom and richness of your story, your vision, cultural storytelling and elevating your identity to new heights. We offer a range of branding packages for small and medium-sized businesses. 

It's How you connect to people

It's How you are recognised in order to build trust

It's How you stand out to share your unique story

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Developing your brand identity with Yirra Miya

Brand Discovery

We start by diving deep into your business and understanding your goals, values, and target audience. This discovery phase allows us to craft a brand story and a deeper level of connection that aligns with your objectives and resonates with your ideal customers before we start creating.

Brand Messaging and Storytelling

A brand is more than just visuals – it’s also about the stories you tell. We explore your values, mission, and unique selling points, ensuring consistency across all communication channels. But it’s also about us opening up to our creative intuition to share your story through cultural design.

Visual Identity Design

Our First Nations Cultural Designers then bring your brand to life visually. From logos to colour palettes and typography, imagery and graphics, we create a cohesive and compelling visual identity that embodies your brand’s essence prior to developing your brand collateral.

Brand Implementation and Guidance

Once your brand identity is ready, we don’t stop there! We are all about helping our clients feel more confident in embracing the designs and collateral. This is why we include brand coaching sessions in all of our branding packages – no matter how big or small! This is your time – whether it’s learning how to install fonts, use your logos, how to use your social media tiles on Canva. We are here to ensure we are yirra miya ‘growing together’

Explore our branding packages

Together, we craft a brand that resonates in

Spirits Minds Memories

Let's embrace your brand story together.

These packages are suitable for small/medium businesses

Please enquire for any changes you wish to see in the packages as we can customise and swap items to better suit client scopes of works, when requested.

Biladurang ‘Platypus’ Starter

For businesses wanting to start today but not having the budget to go too big too soon. Just like Vincent Lingiari, ‘from little things, big things grow’. We all start somewhere, so lets start making your way up the riverbed like a biladurang ‘platypus’.

This package is for businesses may not have the capacity to go all in just yet. It allows room to keep growing and exploring the bigger vision, as we understand that starting in the middle isn’t always a bad thing. It’s time to start climbing the trees and exploring your brand like a gugaa ‘goanna’.

This package is for businesses that want to go big and embrace their business dreaming in full swing whether it’s from the start, or embracing a rebrand to ramp things up to the next level! It’s time to spread your wings and fly with pride like a Burralgang ‘brolga’.

Please note:

Our branding package offerings are subject to change occasionally to ensure our offerings are reflective of client needs. These can also be customised or items swapped for other assets requested. To ensure you are viewing the most up-to-date branding packages, please visit our Services and Pricing Guide in the Yirra Miya Welcome Package.

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