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Ngiilay Gift Boxes

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Looking for some deadly gift boxes and hampers that showcase some of the best of Aboriginal businesses? Look no further than Ngiilay Gift Boxes!

Ondi and Teagan came across Leticia’s work through Yarpa Hub and immediately reached out to us for our help in designing and branding their new venture. With a diverse selection of hampers and gift boxes, Ngiilay Gift Boxes is proud to support other Aboriginal businesses to showcase their unique products.

What started as a gift for Ondi and Tegan’s family has blossomed into a business that delivers unique and high-quality gifts to people all over Australia. The name “Ngiilay” comes from the Yuwaalaraay language and means “from here,” reflecting our commitment to promoting Aboriginal businesses and products.

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We were so excited to collaborate with Ondi and Teagan at Ngiilay Gift Boxes. We could see the passion they had for bringing Aboriginal culture to the forefront of everything they do and offer. This was important to them as they wanted to reflect and share their culture with their family, friends, and community through their gifts, products, and knowledge.

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After completing our comprehensive Brand Discovery Kit – Leticia embarked on the journey of bringing to life a custom logo that also features a fully custom handwritten wordmark for the word ‘Ngiilay’ by Leticia. Embracing the essence of Wiradjuri design with cross-hatching featured and a focus on cultural sharing through the community. The secondary logo focuses on the box unveiling experience to explore all the beautiful products inside. We developed a business card design, social media tiles and cultural illustrations seen throughout their branding collateral.

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The website serves as the heart of their business, and we were determined to make it truly reflective of their identity. Barbi from our creative team designed a deadly new website, ensuring consistency throughout. The reflection of their cultural story essence brought through on every page with the cultural elements Leticia designed. The team are Ngiilay Gift Boxes were delighted with the final outcome which was truly rewarding for us. At Yirra Miya, we strive to develop websites that elevate businesses to new heights but most importantly tell their story!

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Working with Ondi and Teagan at Ngiilay Gift Boxes was a fabulous experience!

We have loved seeing their growth and presence and all the First Nations business owners they have as suppliers and all the upcoming giftboxes offerings they have in store. We also love getting to catch up with them face to face at events such as Supply Nation Connect 2023. To explore their range of beautifully curated hampers and gift boxes, visit their website at www.ngiilaygiftboxes.com.au.

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