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Cafe Leura

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Dora and Andrew’s journey in the culinary world began 15 years ago with their business, Loaves and Dishes. When the pandemic emerged, forcing many businesses to pivot, they made the bold decision to transform their establishment into Cafe Leura. Despite the daunting challenges, their determination prevailed, resulting in the creation of a stunning modern industrial space. It was at this pivotal juncture that Leticia entered the scene to assist them in rebranding their business and embarking on this exhilarating new venture. Driven by the desire to resonate with adventurous souls seeking not just food, but also a sense of belonging and discovery, Dora and Andrew set forth to reimagine their brand’s essence.

About Cafe Leura

Cafe Leura isn’t just a place to dine; it’s an invitation to immerse oneself in the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Mountains. Situated in the charming garden village of Leura, the cafe stands as a gateway to both local treasures and exquisite culinary experiences. With a menu ranging from breakfast to lunch and complemented by a selection of alcoholic beverages, Cafe Leura caters to both locals seeking community and tourists eager to explore the Blue Mountains’ scenic destination.

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A window with the Cafe Leura Experience Filoxenia logo on it.

Gather & Create

Collaborating with Leticia, they completed a brand discovery workshop which unveiled the cafe’s unique attributes, including its Greek heritage and its power to foster connections.

The insights from the workshop guided the creative journey with Leticia to develop an elegant and modern logo package, encapsulating the spirit of Cafe Leura. The term “experience Filoxenia,” drawn from the Greek word meaning “a friend to the stranger,” encapsulates the cafe’s aspiration to cultivate a warm and inviting atmosphere, turning patrons into cherished friends. By infusing the logo with the Greek key, it provided a nod to their heritage whilst maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. The logo’s versatility for future growth was assured, accommodating a wider range of menu offerings. Check out the logo concepts mock ups we created to support the visual journey.

In support of Cafe Leura’s new branding direction, we brought together branded assets as a team – Lauren designed their business card and custom illustrated Instagram highlights, Lisa designed their social tiles package and Leticia developed their new menu layout.

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Brandboard for Cafe Leura
Cafe Leura logo on a sign in front of a cafe building.

Share & Embrace

Cafe Leura has brought its rebranding vision to life in its cafe, with its customers, and on its social media platforms. We always enjoy seeing brands come alive in the real world! Andrew and Dora had some wonderful feedback for us, saying “They look fab! Thanks once again for an awesome concept!”

If you’re on the lookout for a new and delicious spot in the Blue Mountains, be sure to check out Cafe Leura. You can even place an order now or follow them on Instagram @cafeleura to learn more.

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