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Yirra Miya, Where Growth Begins

Embracing the power of cultural storytelling through branding, design and illustrations

We offer a range of services to help businesses elevate their brand and visual identity. Our bespoke branding and logo packages forge a resilient brand identity with brand coaching to empower business owners. 

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Our creative spirits also dance through custom illustrations, cultural artworks, and engaging social media campaigns. 

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We can also weave your story into a WordPress website, capture your products through our lens, and bring your brand to life with standout collateral, like business cards, flyers, reports and so much more.

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Our creative process is a journey in itself:

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Connect & Discover

It’s all about connection to get started! We want to make sure we are the right fit to come on this journey with you. We start by discovering your vision and objectives, laying the foundation for a successful collaboration. This involves an initial discovery call, completing a design brief, and developing a project scope.

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Gather & Create

This is where the magic happens. We take the time to connect deeper to your story and vision and learn as much as we can to draw upon our intuition. We research, brainstorm, sketch and design also whilst collaborating with you and as a team to ensure we capture your brand and vision through storytelling reflectively.

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Share & Embrace

Once your design comes to life, we celebrate it across our networks, amplifying your presence and creating connections. We wait until you have had the opportunity to share your design and then we do project showcases on our socials, newsletters and website to connect others with you to embrace your project together.

Learn about our creative services

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We specialise in crafting bespoke brand identities that intertwine your unique narrative with impactful and authentic design. Our passion for storytelling drives us to create brands that go beyond aesthetics, resonating deeply with your audience. We offer a range of branding packages for small and medium-sized businesses.

Together, we craft a brand that resonates in spirits, minds, and memories – let’s embrace your brand story together.
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Our Cultural Illustration packages are a gateway to elevating your brand identity, visually connecting with your community, and making a positive impact. Created by our First Nations Cultural Designers, these packages include cultural designs infused with the power of First Nations storytelling. We also offer Cultural element packages, rooted in your organisation’s core values, which represent vital pillars crucial to your key messaging.

Let your brand’s narrative unfold through our cultural storytelling, embracing First Nations culture, creativity, and artworks and illustrations with profound meaning.
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Yirra Miya’s Layout Design services transcend your everyday written content and documents into compelling narratives. From presentations to Reconciliation Action Plans, to reports and business collateral, our designs are a symphony of creativity and purpose. Cultural appropriateness is paramount in our approach. Where needed, we weave cultural motifs, elements, and storytelling techniques into the design, ensuring that your documents resonate with authenticity.

Our layout designs help create bridges between tradition and contemporary, culture and professionalism.

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We believe that a website isn’t just an online address, it’s your place to say gawaymbanha ‘welcome’ to your customers and clients online. Weaving together aesthetics, functionality, and your unique essence, we ensure your online presence stands as a true reflection of your business through having a website that also shares your brand’s story. From site refreshes to rebrands to a full new website build

We are here to help you create and engage with your online community with having a website that takes people on a journey.

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Yirra Miya’s Social Media Asset Packages are your toolkit for creating a vibrant online brand presence that resonates with your audience. For businesses stepping into the online realm, our social tile packages are the perfect starting point. These packages offer a focused burst of design energy, helping you kickstart your digital journey and providing the foundation for your brand’s online presence.

Crafted as final assets or as Canva templates, our social media assets offering are designed to spark consistency, creativity, and community engagement.

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