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Deadly Fitness

Black, blue and yellow Deadly Fitness logo with an icon

Connect & Discover

Nerylee is a driven Aboriginal woman who knows the importance of keeping in shape. She runs Deadly Fitness, a personal training business located in the beautiful Crescent Murray Bridge. When she came to us, she was looking to expand her brand into the apparel industry and worked alongside us to help her bring her vision to life.

With over five years of industry experience, Nerylee is making a difference in the fight against health inequality in Australia. She started her advocacy work in her Ngarrideri mob, and with the help of social media, she’s been able to expand her reach and make an even greater impact.

Gather & Create

We knew that we wanted to create a logo that truly reflects Nerylee and her business, Deadly Fitness. We knew that Nerylee’s brand needed to stay true to the health and wellness space but also appeal to mob who are looking to take control of their health with a pop of colour and a modern inline font.

We worked closely with her to ensure that the logo design would convey that Deadly Fitness is a First Nations business that proudly supports the health and wellness of our people. The key element that was reflected throughout the icon is the river and waterways. Our rivers play a symbolic significance in the revitalisation and rejuvenation of ourselves, our land and the gifts of Mother Earth.

We also developed a supporting stylesheet for her brand consistency, including her key words:

A brandboard for Deadly Fitness
A woman in a gym holding a drink. Her sports bra has the Deadly Fitness logo on it.
A woman in a gym holding boxing gloves. Her sports bra has the Deadly Fitness logo on it.
Black, blue and yellow Deadly Fitness logo with an icon

We also developed social media tiles template to get her started on her vision journey embracing her new brand identity.

A yellow horizontal banner image of multiple kangaroo tracks.

Share & Embrace

We’re proud to have been a part of a project that is now opening up important conversations about First Nations health and wellness. Deadly Fitness provides a platform for members to come together and discuss ways to improve their health while supporting one another in the process. By working together, we can change how First Nations people think about their health and empower them to take positive action.

We’d love for you to check out Deadly Fitness on Instagram at @deadlyfitness_. You’ll find inspiring tips and advice as well as a supportive community.

Black, blue and yellow Deadly Fitness logo with an icon

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