White horizontal wording of Yirra Miya First Nations Creative Agency with an icon logo on the left.

Lighting the Spark

An orange and white organic shaped icon.
A light and dark blue organic circle icon.

Connect & Discover

Lighting the Spark for Future Leaders program is a cross-generational social entrepreneurship program that will help engaging Indigenous girls aged 14-24 to embrace their journey. A powerful group of Indigenous women who are leaders and entrepreneurs themselves have come together to help support and mentor the young entrepreneurs. Bringing to life this amazing program also meant embracing a program brand identity to connect with the young girls. When co-founder Margaret O’Brien from Young Change Agents approached Leticia regarding branding one of their programs, Leticia immediately expressed how excited she was to take on the project.

Gather & Create

After our fruitful brand discovery workshop with the mentors, we were able to pinpoint the key attributes for the program branding and designs. Leticia developed the colour palette to create the initial feel for the sense of youthful connection aimed. Leticia then developed the logo and cultural illustration assets to hold stories significant to the program goals. We also had the opportunity to develop collateral templates for their flyers, social media, slideshow deck and other promotional materials utilising our brand development process.

Lighting the Spark digital design with a photo of 4 young women.

Check out the stories behind the logo and illustrations:

A logo saying Lighting the Spark with an icon above.

Lighting the Spark logo

Within the logo, you will see the U-shaped symbols representing the mentors and program supports. The mentors surround the young women to bring empowerment and bring the program to life within our communities. With the support and guidance shared between the mentors and the young people, sparks of ideas and wisdom come to life. These sparks of light are then represented on the dots surrounding the main icon.

A blue and white organic shaped icon.

Journey Across Country

This was represented by images of cross-hatching. It represents the different Nations coming together in a shared path to create strong connections between the youth and the mentors.

A light and dark orange organic circle icon.

Youth and Support

They are represented by the icons that we developed within white circles being the young people. They are in the centre of the yarning circle and are surrounded by the dots that represent the community.

A dark blue horizontal banner image of multiple U shapes.
A pull up banner with information about Lighting the Spark. There is a tall plant next to it.

Share & Embrace

Once the illustrations have been completed, Young Change Agents distributed the resources amongst the facilitators to use within their communities and groups. We were humbled by the feedback we received from the partners and team involved. We are so excited to see the designs reflected in communities across Australia and to learn the outcome of the young First Nations women involved. The Lighting the Spark program delivered in six schools across Darwin and Palmerston.

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