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Connected Beginnings

A page of different cartoon drawings of people and animals. Caption says Cultural Artwork and layout of resources by Leticia Quince, Leticia Anne Designs in collaboration with Scott Wilson with illustration of children, animals and Nooka

Connect & Discover

Our journey with Connected Beginnings began with a shared passion for nurturing culture and education. Nichole and Jo, the dynamic duo behind this initiative, joined forces to develop resources that would empower children and educators alike. Jo Flick, a proud Kamilaroi woman and Community Liaison, had a vision for culturally rich illustrations that could captivate the children whilst paying homage to Ngemba language and sharing. The spark of inspiration from Jo and Nichole led us to embrace the challenge of creating a captivating narrative for Nooka’s Bus—a story that would unfold seamlessly through song, movement and through interactive children games such as flash cards.

Connected Beginnings is an incredible initiative that supports families and children from birth to five years old, leading to better outcomes for school and life. We’re thrilled to have been a part of this project and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on the community.

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Gather & Create

Flashcards and Illustrations

We came up with a creative solution for the Nooka Bus illustrations which exceeded Jo and Nichole’s expectations. Scott Wilson, one of our talented creatives, created cartoonist style illustrations of Nooka (their local bus driver), the local animals, and the children, based on Jo’s references.

Our approach sought to weave fun and child-friendly aesthetics with an authentic representation of Aboriginal culture. The result was a series of illustrations that aligned harmoniously with Connected Beginnings’ philosophy of promoting pride and respect. Our resources are professional, polished, and timeless, so they can be used for years to come!

Share & Embrace

The impact of our collaboration was heartwarmingly tangible. The flashcards we crafted for Bourke & District Children Services (BDCS) became an instant hit. The young learners delighted in engaging games, simultaneously imbibing the names of native animals in Ngemba language.

Jo’s words of gratitude captured the essence of our partnership: “Thank you, my girl, so glad we had a chance to work with you on this project, no doubt I’ll be speaking your name for my new position as well.” The sentiment echoed the mutual respect and accomplishment that emerged from our collaboration.

If you’re looking for child-friendly resources for your little ones, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Bourke & District Children Services. In the tapestry of creativity, collaboration, and community, our work with Connected Beginnings stands as a testament to the power of shared vision and shared effort.

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