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Graphic Design and Layout,

Keighran Legal

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Connect & Discover

We had the honour of engaging with the proud Gomeroi man, Duane Keighran, and his partner, Cindy Fuller, as they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey. One of their goals was to establish a prominent presence for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lawyers in the corporate world. Central to their vision was the continuous connection to their community and meaningful contributions to uplift the Indigenous community.

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Gather & Create

This journey also opened doors to collaborate with our Gomeroi Brother, Kayleb Waters-Sampson from Ngurrambaa. Kayleb, an accomplished artist, contributed the artistic essence that encapsulates the story of Keighran Legal. The transition from a simple sketch on paper to a captivating digital design was orchestrated by Leticia. Together, we crafted Duane’s totem, Thuli (the sand goanna), with Kayleb outlining the body shape and Leticia adding the cultural design pattern that traverses its form.


The artwork is a comprehensive piece that narrates the story and journey of Keighran Legal + Advisory, as they extend their support and connections to communities across our Nation. The Thuli, symbolising the Sand Goanna, embodies the spiritual significance of inner power and resilience. It eloquently represents Duane’s Dreaming and his deep-rooted identity as a Gomeroi man.

A large canvas on a wall with an orange Aboriginal artwork over it.
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A desktop computer and laptop sitting on a desk displaying a website with an orange Aboriginal artwork and a team of people.

Website Updates

Our creative website designer, Barbi, also played a pivotal role in enhancing Keighran Legal’s online presence. She introduced a dynamic Teams page featuring a captivating hover effect on the Bios. This effect transforms the core image from greyscale to full color as you hover and click into individual team member profiles.

A orange horizontal banner image of multiple leaves.

Business Cards

Leticia revamped the existing business card design, infusing elements that resonate with the nature of Keighran Legal’s work. We ensured that Duane Keighran’s proud Gomeroi heritage was prominently reflected. These cards are now proudly carried by their team, adorned with a slick Spot UV on the Logo and a glossy finish from our trusted suppliers, reflecting the comprehensive services we provide.

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Multiple black and orange business cards for Keighran.
Card saying Happy Holidays with Aboriginal artwork around

Christmas Cards

In the festive season of 2021, Keighran Legal + Advisory approached us for another exciting design project. They sought to send out Christmas Cards to express their warm holiday wishes to their clientele. It was a unique and personal way of conveying their gratitude to their supporters, clientele, and community.

Duane and Cindy envisioned a design that was both simple and elegant, seamlessly blending the essence of Christmas with their cultural brand identity. We incorporated the wattle design by Lauren, creating a visual reminiscent of mistletoe with an Indigenous twist. The result was a stunning and refined Christmas card that Keighran Legal + Advisory proudly distributed to their cherished clients during the holiday season.

Share & Embrace

As highlighted on Keighran Legal + Advisory’s website, their ethos revolves around “Embracing a beating heart, Connection to Community.” It transcends the boundaries of law, emphasizing their commitment to meaningfully contribute to their community. This sentiment powerfully encapsulates the essence of the incredible individuals we had the privilege of connecting with within their team.

A travel mug with an Aboriginal artwork of a goanna.

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