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Key Assets

Coloured geometric shapes with lines and Aboriginal symbols through them

Connect & Discover

Key Assets is a non-government, not for profit children, non-religious, children, family and community services agency. Our purpose is to achieve positive and lasting outcomes for children, families and communities. Key Assets have been established in Australia since 2007 and now provide services in all Australian states. Key Assets will achieve their purpose by positively impacting the lives of children, young people, their families and carers through quality services and expert advice designed to provide support, build confidence, improve skills, develop relationships, and strengthen resilience. Key Assets approached our team to create a cultural elements package and cover for their podcast ‘Kickstarting The Yarn’ which was launched during NAIDOC week 2022.

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Gather & Create

Leticia and Lauren worked collaboratively with Key Assets to provide 5 cultural elements and 3 panels that best represented the core values of Key Assets. The elements included a yarning circle that represents the safe space that Key Assets provides to share experiences and learn from each other. An element to represent the role that Key Assets provides in protecting children and families. An element was created with ties back to the triangles used throughout Key Assets logo to represent connected people, and the important role that each person plays. As well as elements to represent community and cultivating knowledge.

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Yarning Circle

This illustration represents a yarning circle, the yarning circle is a safe place to share experiences and to learn from each other.

Orange circular Aboriginal icon

Protecting Children

This illustration represents the important role that Key Assets provides in protecting children and families.

Coloured Aboriginal icon
Purple circular Aboriginal icon

Cultivating Knowledge

This illustration represents the importance of sharing and cultivating knowledge. This is a way to keep our culture strong and to create a safe place to share and learn from each other.

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Connected People

This illustration, alike the Key Assets heart represents the importance of people coming together and contributing their part to the bigger picture. 

Pink Aboriginal icon
Coloured geometric shapes with lines and Aboriginal symbols through them

Connected Community

This illustration represents the importance of community connections and keeping our culture strong. It represents the important connection that First Nations people have to country and the vitality in supporting this connection to land.

Podcast Cover

Leticia created the cover for the ‘Kickstarting The Yarn’ podcast which incorporated the elements to create a bright, engaging and youthful feel. The ‘Kickstarting the Yarn’ Podcast was right up Leticia’s alley as she felt connected to the topics that were being discussed, such as; keeping children and young people in out of home care safe and connected to their kin, country and culture.

Purple poster with two people smiling and it saying kickstarting the yarn

Share & Embrace

We loved season 1 of the ‘Kickstarting The Yarn’ podcast and look forward to a potential season 2! If you would like to check out more of the deadly work that Key Assets are doing in our communities or listen to their podcast, head to their website: https://keyassets.org.au/

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