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Reflections Holiday Park

A framed picture of a pastel coloured digital artwork. The artwork has 3 larger circles in the middle with U shapes around them.

Connect & Discover

Reflections Holiday Parks specialise in back to nature breaks, leaving you refreshed, restored and rejuvenated. Reflections Holiday Parks manages 37 holiday parks and 43 community reserves of NSW Country. When Reflections Holiday Parks approached us to bring to life the story of their Reconciliation Action Plan Artwork, Reflections made it clear that reconciliation to them is a promise that they were making as an organisation. A commitment to broaden their thinking, to consider and seek out First Nations histories and to develop trusted relationships that create space and take the time to build meaningful partnerships. After engaging and seeing two different storytelling styles from Lauren and Leticia, they selected Lauren’s design which they bought to life with Leticia’s colour palette.

A dark blue horizontal banner image of multiple U shapes.

Gather & Create

After meeting with the Reflections Reconciliation Action Plan team and hearing of the story that they wanted to portray through their RAP artwork, Lauren developed an artwork that showcases a yarning circle in the centre, representing the connection between the park and local communities. The surrounding circles symbolize different communities and the bottom section depicts the landscape and wildlife of the areas where the parks are located. The kangaroo tracks represent the wildlife of these areas, but also represent travel and journeying, acknowledging that people travel from all over to visit Reflections Holiday Parks. Kangaroos cannot move backwards and are a representation of moving forward to learn and grow on their reconciliation journey.

The artwork represents the connection to country, the wider community and the process of learning and strengthening relationships, emphasising that Reflections Holiday Parks are a place for healing, connection, and celebration of Aboriginal land.

Element Meanings

Coloured Aboriginal icon for Reflections Holiday Park

Country & Community

This symbol represents the different countries on which Reflections Holiday Parks stand. The connectivity between Reflections Holiday Parks and community represent a sharing of knowledge and community connections.

Middle Yarning Circle

This symbol represents a coming together of people, a place for community and families to heal, repair, connect, explore and celebrate that we are living on Aboriginal land.

Coloured Aboriginal icon for Reflections Holiday Park
Coloured Aboriginal icon for Reflections Holiday Park

Yarning Circle

This symbols represents Reflections Holiday Parks, the people that work at Reflections and also the communities of the land on which Reflections Holiday Parks stand.


This symbol represents the stars. Our First Nations people had connections to Country, skies, seas and the stars. This is a representation of the night sky and the stars that guide us through the night.

Coloured Aboriginal icon for Reflections Holiday Park
Coloured Aboriginal icon for Reflections Holiday Park


Our Ancestors guide us through life’s journey. They cared for this land before us
and guide us to care for this land while we are here. They also equip us and teach us to pass on our knowledge for our Elders to come, after we have gone back to the dreaming.

Share & Embrace

Our team absolutely loved the process of working with Reflections Holiday Park and was honoured to be able to translate their story to a visual medium. Reflections Holiday Park has since launched their Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan and celebrated by hosting an event sharing the story behind the artwork and even had their cultural elements printed onto cupcakes to celebrate the occasion. We loved working with the Reflections team and look forward to supporting their Reconciliation Action Plan journey in the future!

An office with an Aboriginal artwork on the wall
A dark blue organic shape with 3 light blue circles over the top.

Lauren Eyles from Reflections Holiday Park shared her experience in working with the Yirra Miya team, stating

Reflections Holiday Park engaged Yirra Miya to create an original artwork to illustrate our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan. Leticia and Lauren provided an outstanding customer experience throughout, taking the time to engage with our journey and team. They created a stunning, meaningful artwork and a description of cultural elements that will help our staff increase their cultural awareness.
Lauren Eyles
Reflections Holiday Park

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