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Baagi Milaygiin

Digital drawing of a women sitting down with ochre on her face. Design says Baagi Milaygiin Grandmothers Spirit.

Connect & Discover

When you engage in a heartfelt conversation with the inspiring Deb Munson, you’re immediately drawn into her genuine humility and deep connection to her creations. The pride and reverence she holds for the healing wisdom passed down through generations, including from her mother Nana Leslie, a proud Gomeroi woman, and Nana Smith, a proud Dhurag woman, is palpable. Deb’s process involves gathering from her personally chosen native trees on her property to craft exceptional products like Bush Oil, Gumbi Gumbi, Kunzea, and Emu Bush. Baagi Milaygiin stands as an unswervingly 100% Indigenous-owned venture. Discover their remarkable offerings at Trading Blak, Jarrin Street, Discovery Centre Baradine Warrumbungles, and NAIDOC Sydney. The journey of Baagi Milaygiin has been illuminated through collaboration, as Deb reached out to us to support her with exploring a brand refresh for her future endeavours, expanding on creating a cultural illustration package encompassing her current brand feel and logo, a social media package of Canva templates and give her Shopify Website a facelift.

A orange horizontal banner image of multiple leaves.

Gather & Create

Logo Refresh

In the artful rejuvenation of the logo, the essence lies in grounding Grandmothers’ Spirit and revering the profound link to Mother Earth, the source of the myriad gifts contributing to their beauty products. The central piece, the yinaa ‘woman,’ sitting grounded represent drawing energy from Mother Earth whilst embodying the respect she holds for her journey of learning, gathering, and sharing—parallel to the path walked by the remarkable Deb Munson.

Coloured and black Baagi Milaygiin icon logo

The Style Sheet was guided by Baagi Milaygiin’s key beliefs in embracing:

Blue Aboriginal artwork symbol


The illustrative elements in Baagi Milaygiin’s branding encapsulate narratives of empowering journeys and gatherings, paying homage to women. These illustrations are extensions of the logo, embracing the journey of Baagi Milaygiin over the past 8 years history and growing into the future.

Blue Aboriginal artwork symbol
A blue and white Aboriginal symbol
A blue and white people symbol
A computer with an image of the Baagi Milaygiin website

Website Design

Jasmine was our deadly creative behind the website design & revamp. Deb’s visions was to take Baagi Milaygiin to the next level. Her main concern is for any client to be able to navigate easily through it. Whether you want to check and shop for their products or have a look at their other services such as workshops, balance techniques and cleansing rituals. You’ll find the illustrations I have thoughtfully shared that reflects Baagi Milaygiin’s brand identity.

Social Media Tile Templates

We created a Canva social media package for Deb to embrace on Baagi Milaygiin’s Instagram. The tiles are templated to allow flexibility to feature new products, change key messages whilst embracing their vibrancy across social media platforms, predominantly Instagram and Facebook. The seamless integration of cultural illustrations creates an immediate sense of connection with Deb and her transformative journey.

Baagi Milaygiin social media screenshots

Share & Embrace

Baagi Milaygiin is a unique and culturally significant business that focuses on creating therapeutic bush beauty product. They are designed to embody the healing and nourishing qualities of the land and our traditions. Deb’s commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and cultural respect shines through her products and services. Deb Munson is actively engaged with community, delivering workshops on self-esteem, coming into womanhood, and embracing one’s power. Leticia has enjoyed as pamper package alongside finding Baagi Milaygiin beauty products as perfect gifts for her family.

Baagi Milaygiin bottle dropper

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