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DCJ Aboriginal Recruitment Campaign

A picture of a woman smiling. There is text saying 'Come Join Us, We're Hiring' over orange organic circles.

Connect & Discover

When the Department of Communities and Justice approached Leticia to lead their caseworker recruitment campaign, encompassing both Aboriginal and general initiatives, they sought a vision that was daring, inspirational, and distinctive for both campaigns. This undertaking mirrors the Department of Communities and Justice’s commitment to fostering stronger communities, collaborating with Aboriginal communities, and perpetually advancing their practices for meaningful change. The idea of “mob working with mob” has always been close to the heart of our Creative Director, Leticia, driven by her firsthand experiences with First Nations caseworkers and their pivotal impact on making a real difference.

A yellow horizontal banner image of multiple kangaroo tracks.

Gather & Create

Embracing a warm, inspiring design infused with vibrant Aboriginal motifs, the narrative behind our creative direction centers on community and unity. Leticia was granted complete creative liberty to craft a color palette and motif that could effectively transcend various mediums, including flyers, social media tiles, and banners. A super cool and empower insight is Leticia even recognised some familiar faces shown within the campaign photographs!

Share & Embrace

Leticia takes immense pride in the community’s response and feedback generated by this project, particularly from people working with Department of Communities and Justice in Dubbo and Sydney who have witnessed her journey firsthand—seeing it come full circle. It’s a remarkable achievement to have orchestrated a visual campaign that encapsulates First Nations employment opportunities and growth, embodying the essence of community, unity, and progress.

Two booklets with 6 people smiling. There is text saying 'Come Join Us, Come Join Me' over orange organic circles.

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