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Graphic Design and Layout

Department of Communities and Justice National Apology

A large framed artwork hanging on the wall. The artwork is purple with two people in the middle and the caption 'The Children Came Home'.

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Leticia was elated when the Ashfield Team approached her to undertake the graphic design and layout of their Official Apology to the Stolen Generations. This opportunity allowed her to contribute to a significant milestone and to amplify the artistic works of Aunty Fay Clayton-Moseley, a Wiradjuri Elder, artist, and Survivor of the Stolen Generations.

Leticia’s affiliation with Department of Communities Justice traces back to her childhood when she was placed into foster care at 12 years old. Her life’s journey has been intertwined with experiences that led her to advocate, support, and engage in the pursuit of positive systemic changes for children placed in out-of-home care. Even after leaving foster care at the age of 18, Leticia continued to be a vocal advocate as a UCChange Young Consultant from 2015-2022.

About the Artist Aunty Fay Clayton-Moseley is a Wiradjuri Elder, artist and Survivor of the Stolen Generations. Aunty Fay has been painting since she was a child. Her mum taught her how to paint before she was removed from her family. At Cootamundra Girls’ Home, art was Aunty Fay’s favourite subject. Aunty Fay’s paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally, and are part of the permanent collection at the National Museum of Australia. Her work is appearing in the Australian Museum’s ‘Unsettled’ exhibition.

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We were privileged to digitalise elements of Aunty Fay Clayton-Moseley’s artwork ‘The Children Came Back’ to use a featured elements to support extending the story with the minimum space for placement. This was a respectful process where Aunty Fay was consulted and included through having her approving to do this prior to and also upon completion to ensure the cultural integrity of the work. Leticia developed an About the Artwork piece, where Department of Communities and Justice wanted to share a short bio about Aunty Fay showcasing the full artwork and about Leticia as a designer.

A large framed artwork hanging on the wall. The artwork is purple with two people in the middle and the caption 'Apology'.
A group of 3 orange and yellow organic shaped circles inside one another.
A large framed artwork hanging on a wall. The artwork is purple with two people in the middle and the caption 'The Children Came Home'.

Share & Embrace

It brings immense joy to Leticia that Aunty Fay Clayton-Moseley approved of the final result as this her first Government related project scopes and she wanted to ensure Aunty Fay’s art and intellectual property was maintained and respected. Leticia’s design not only pays homage to Aunty Fay’s artwork but also conveys the profound message it carries through digital elements thoughtfully extracted and incorporated into the overall design. This project filled Leticia with a profound sense of pride, and she is honoured to have played a part in it.

This official document is now accessible on the Department of Communities & Justice website, displayed in their offices, available on their employee intranet, and shared with the wider community. It was officially unveiled on May 26, 2021, in commemoration of National Sorry Day.

As we share this document, our hearts go out to the children who never made it home and to their grieving families.

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