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Deadly Ed

Organic Deadly ED logo.

Connect & Discover

Kane, a proud Darug man and Josh, a proud Worimi man, reached out to us during the formative stages of their business, driven by a vision to infuse education with cultural richness. Opting for our Biladurang ‘Platypus’ Starter Package, their goal was clear – to prioritise cultural integration in our education system. Immersing in the power of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, history and teaching sit at their core of their mission. Deadly Ed is guided by Kane and Josh’s deep-rooted connections to culture – to resolute and empower whilst creating learning experiences that resonate beyond textbooks, touching the very essence of culture, Country, and kinship. In a world where cultural understanding is paramount, Deadly Ed’s founders, with their teaching roots, have witnessed the struggle faced by schools and organisations striving to deliver genuine Aboriginal Education. This is why they have created a deadly space for deadly learners!

About Deadly Ed

Our aim is to ensure every student, teacher and school can learn about and embed Aboriginal culture and perspectives into their learning, lives and lifestyle. By ensuring any teacher and workplace can connect with our expert Aboriginal educators and artists, all kids can get the opportunity to be a deadly learner.

As both former classroom teachers, we’ve witnessed and experienced first-hand the lack of authentic and engaging Aboriginal Education and support in teaching it within schools for teachers & students.
Kane & Josh
Deadly Ed
Organic Deadly ED logo on a blue drink bottle with a woman holding it.
Two blue horizontal organic lines.

Gather & Create

The journey of shaping Deadly Ed’s visual identity began with the Biladurang ‘Platypus’ starter branding package. This included completing a design brief, developing a custom full logo package and thank-you card, with an add on for a small-business branding guide. These elements came together to encapsulate the essence of Deadly Ed.

Organic shaped Deadly ED logo.
Deadly ED logo.
Organic shaped Deadly ED logo.

About the Logo

The logo serves as a visual testament to Deadly Ed’s purpose. It features educators, represented as people symbols on the left, gathered in a communal circle to engage in meaningful discussions. This circle extends its guidance to the students, symbolised by smaller people symbols on the right. The boomerangs encircling them embody the values of culture, storytelling, and growth, while also paying homage to Aboriginal culture.

Two blue horizontal organic lines.

KEY WORDS & VALUES when it came to developing their brand identity:

The colours and typography of Deadly EDs branding.

Share & Embrace

Deadly Ed is not just a brand; it’s a movement that connects students, teachers, and communities with the invaluable learnings of Aboriginal culture by Aboriginal people. A vibrant testament to the brand’s vitality can be found on Deadly Ed’s Instagram account. Their posts illustrate the rapid integration of the brand into their journey.

They offer NESA-accredited teacher PD, immersive out on Country programs, bush tucker gardens, art murals, and corporate programs. Their education programs and teacher resource packs (embracing their deadly packaging design on the resource boxes) cater to all age groups, connecting culture to learning. We love seeing what they are doing in community pop up on our Instagram feed regularly!

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