White horizontal wording of Yirra Miya First Nations Creative Agency with an icon logo on the left.

DCJ Aboriginal Recruitment Campaign

Three framed posters hanging on the wall. Each have an image of someone smiling and There is text saying 'Come Join Us, We're Hiring' over orange organic circles.

Connect & Discover When the Department of Communities and Justice approached Leticia to lead their caseworker recruitment campaign, encompassing both Aboriginal and general initiatives, they sought a vision that was daring, inspirational, and distinctive for both campaigns. This undertaking mirrors the Department of Communities and Justice’s commitment to fostering stronger communities, collaborating with Aboriginal communities, […]

Department of Communities and Justice National Apology

A large framed artwork sitting on the floor. The artwork is purple with two people in the middle and the caption 'The Children Came Home'.

Connect & Discover Leticia was elated when the Ashfield Team approached her to undertake the graphic design and layout of their Official Apology to the Stolen Generations. This opportunity allowed her to contribute to a significant milestone and to amplify the artistic works of Aunty Fay Clayton-Moseley, a Wiradjuri Elder, artist, and Survivor of the […]

Keighran Legal

A large canvas on a wall with an orange Aboriginal artwork over it.

Connect & Discover We had the honour of engaging with the proud Gomeroi man, Duane Keighran, and his partner, Cindy Fuller, as they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey. One of their goals was to establish a prominent presence for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lawyers in the corporate world. Central to their vision was the […]

Teacher Latte

A collection of products including stamps, lanyards and books with artworks on them.

Connect & Discover Teacher Latte has got to be one of the quirkiest, most fun clients we’ve had the opportunity to work with! A WOC and teacher-driven creative stationery studio nestled in Naarm (Melbourne), Teacher Latte had a remarkable mission – to empower educators, celebrate learning, and inspire classrooms. Their product range was nothing short […]