White horizontal wording of Yirra Miya First Nations Creative Agency with an icon logo on the left.

Cafe Leura

Two brown paper bags with the Cafe Leura Experience Filoxenia logo on it.

Connect & Discover Dora and Andrew’s journey in the culinary world began 15 years ago with their business, Loaves and Dishes. When the pandemic emerged, forcing many businesses to pivot, they made the bold decision to transform their establishment into Cafe Leura. Despite the daunting challenges, their determination prevailed, resulting in the creation of a […]

Marrawuy Journeys

3 pamphlets with information about capability statement for Marrawuy Journeys.

Connect & Discover When Sarah Richards, the visionary artist behind Marrawuy Journeys, approached us to bring her rebranding vision to life, we knew we were embarking on a journey of deep connection. Through our immersive Brand Discovery Workshop, Sarah unveiled the essence of Marrawuy Journeys, her personal motivations, and the grand vision she held. Her […]

DCJ Aboriginal Recruitment Campaign

Three framed posters hanging on the wall. Each have an image of someone smiling and There is text saying 'Come Join Us, We're Hiring' over orange organic circles.

Connect & Discover When the Department of Communities and Justice approached Leticia to lead their caseworker recruitment campaign, encompassing both Aboriginal and general initiatives, they sought a vision that was daring, inspirational, and distinctive for both campaigns. This undertaking mirrors the Department of Communities and Justice’s commitment to fostering stronger communities, collaborating with Aboriginal communities, […]

Baagi Milaygiin

Digital drawing of a women sitting down with ochre on her face. Design says Baagi Milaygiin Grandmothers Spirit.

Connect & Discover When you engage in a heartfelt conversation with the inspiring Deb Munson, you’re immediately drawn into her genuine humility and deep connection to her creations. The pride and reverence she holds for the healing wisdom passed down through generations, including from her mother Nana Leslie, a proud Gomeroi woman, and Nana Smith, […]